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Eastern Asia

    Tsukuba U., Cyberdyne

    HAL is a cyborg-type robot developed by Cyberdyne and Tsukuba University. Equipped with powerful angle sensors for both upper and lower limbs, it enhances the physical capability of the person wearing it. It is intended to assist handicapped individuals,…

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  • Haru Haru

    JSK Lab., U. of Tokyo

    The Japanese JSK Laboratory launched the HARU Project and created the Haru robot series. This service robot has RC Servo which serves as actuators controlled by a radio.

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  • Hina Hina

    Japanese robot Hina is a humanoid servant robot. Only 36 centimeters tall, it can still prepare and pour a cup of coffee. It does this by picking up remote control signals.

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    General Robotix, Inc., Kawada Industries, Inc.

    HIRO is a Japanese-developed, humanoid robot. This interactive robot can pass for human when wearing synthetic skin. HIRO is being used in the development of future robotics.

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  • I Robot I Robot

    The East Japan Railway Company (JR East) created the humanoid I Robot. This robot guide has several interactive features and will be utilized at all Japanese train stations.

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    Kokoro Co. Ltd.

    KoKoro Co. Ltd. developed a humanoid called I-Fairy which has a futuristic and sophisticated design. It is suited for places where regular update of information is needed.

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  • I-Sobot Omnibot 17 I-Sobot Omnibot 17?

    Takara Tomy / Tomy co., Ltd.

    Tomy Company developed the world's smallest humanoid robot called I-SOBOT Omnibot 17?. It has gyro-sensors for balance, infrared remote-control unit, and four modes of operation.

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  • iDog iDog


    Sega Toys created the iDog which is a canine robot and is primarily a musical companion for people. It accepts sounds, remembers songs, composes music and dances to rhythms.

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  • ifbot ifbot

    Business Design Lab.

    Japan’s Business Design Laboratory developed a humanoid called Ifbot. It uses its own emotions to detect emotions of people, hears their tone and words, and communicates with them.

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  • Igoid Igoid

    JSK Lab., U. of Tokyo

    Igoid is a humanoid robot designed by JSK Laboratories to research sensor-based reactive behaviors. It has a tactile sensor suit that enables it to respond to touch and sound.

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  • ii 1 ii 1

    Konan U.

    Hirotaka Nakayama and his students developed a communication humanoid robot called Ii-1. It uses software to perform question and answer tasks using natural language.

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