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  • Infanoid Infanoid

    Intl. Vital Device Co. Ltd.

    Hideki Kozima of NICT developed a child-like humanoid called Infanoid. It moves its lips as per the sound produced by speech synthesizer and moves eyebrows for facial expressions.

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  • IRT Humanoid IRT Humanoid

    IRT Research Initiative, U. of Tokyo

    Tokyo University developed a humanoid called Information and Robot Technology to help the aeging society. This bipedal humanoid is covered in soft latex foam and paper.

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  • Isamu Isamu

    Kawada Industries, Inc.

    The ISAMU robot was developed by Kawada Industries. It operates on RT Linux and has 3D vision and motion-planning software. This bipedal robot can be operated with a joystick.

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  • iSHA iSHA

    SHALAB., Waseda U.

    Humanoid Robotics Institute developed the interactive Systems for Humanoid Agent robot to harmonize machine and human environments naturally, intuitively and seamlessly.

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    Speecy’s Corporation developed the Internet Renaissance Robot or ITR. The droid uses Robot Mark-up Language and can download content from internet by connecting to a wireless LAN.

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  • J4 J4


    J4 was created by Japan’s leading audio-visual equipment company, JVC. It is capable of speech, face and obstacle recognition. It uses 2 types of servos and its body was built with aluminum frames. This tiny robot is only 7.8 inches tall but its lithium-ion…

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  • Jack Jack

    Jack was created by Yasuo Kuniyoshi of the Electrotechnical Laboratory and the Japanese Science and Technology Agency. This humanoid is aimed to autonomously help the aging population of Japan.

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    Futaba, Himeji Softworks

    JO-ZERO is a lightweight robot capable of performing twists and turns just like a real gymnast. It is operated by a remote control and can duck or climb over obstacles with no problems. It weighs 800 grams. Extra joints in its arms and back help the robot…

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    Nippon Engineering College

    Nippon Engineering College of Japan created KARFE, a humanoid robot which has interactive capabilities that enable it to function as a guard and even take care of children.

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  • Kaz Kaz

    JSK Lab., U. of Tokyo

    JSK Laboratories at the University of Tokyo created the humanoid KAZ in 2003. The robot is remote-brained, can operate on its own and can control the software of small humanoids.

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  • Keepon Keepon

    Carnegie Mellon U. (CMU), Natl. Inst. of Information and Communication Tech. (NiCT)

    Dr. Hideki Kozima from Japan developed this robot which can interact with kids with autism. It is touch sensitive, reacts to emotions using sound and dances upon hearing music.

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    Keio U., Muratec

    KEITA is a receptionist robot at the Faculty of Science and Technology. It can meet and greet visitors, conduct campus tours and answer questions. This Japanese-speaking robot is fully autonomous and spends most of its time with visitors. It only returns…

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  • Kenken Kenken

    Tokyo Inst. of Tech. (TITECH)

    Tokyo Institute of Technology developed a one-legged hopping robot called KENKEN. It has hydraulic actuators as muscles and spring as tendon using which it can hop on one leg.

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  • Kenta Kenta

    JSK Lab., U. of Tokyo

    JSK Laboratories developed Kenta, an advanced child-sized humanoid robot. It has a spine enabling it to perform whole body movements and tracks objects using eyes, neck and spine.

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  • King Kizer King Kizer

    Naoki Maru created King Kizer, which is a boxing champion of Robo-One. This fighting robot has the Kinect-style motion technology allowing it to follow and copy other's motions.

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