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  • Kitro Kitro

    Yuta Sugiura developed Kitro which is primarily made up of wood. It is light-weight and eco-friendly. It can demonstrate a full range of movements like walking, lifting and bowing down.

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  • Kiyomori Kiyomori

    Waseda U., TMSUK

    The Kiyomori is an excellent representation of the advancement of robotics. The robot was created in 2005 by tmsuk as an exhibition at the Niigata Hall of Natural Sciences. It has 39 joints that allow it to walk like a human. This bipedal robot has a…

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  • Kobian Kobian

    TMSUK, Waseda U.

    Tmsuk and Waseda University created a humanoid named Kobian which can move its lips, eyes and neck while responding to stimuli and can express different facial expressions.

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  • Kotaro Kotaro

    JSK Lab., U. of Tokyo

    JSK Laboratory and University of Tokyo created the Kotaro humanoid robot. It is flexible, has reinforced humanoid muscles and has the potential to integrate in people’s life.

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  • Kumataro Kumataro

    Naoko Hikima developed a bear looking robot toy called Kumataro. It was completely redesigned and re-fabricated from the original with more torque and upgrade of servomotors.

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  • Kyuchan Kyuchan


    The Kyuchan is a mascot robot developed by Chararobot for Cable TV, Inc. in 2010. The cute, bright yellow entertainment robot is programmed to dance and stays at Cable TV Inc.’s front desk to greet visitors. It stands two feet and seven inches and weighs…

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  • Land Walker Land Walker

    Sakakibara Kikai Co.,Ltd

    Sakakibara-Kikai Company Ltd., a Japanese manufacturer, developed Land Walker which stands at 340cm. It has a cockpit, two air cannons and can walk at a speed of 1.5km per hour.

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    Asurada created the humanoid fighting robot called LAYERED-X. It can transform itself into various shapes and had a spectacular performance during the Robo-One Competition in 2006.

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  • Ligurio Ligurio


    The Ligurio is a security robot that can perform multiple tasks. It can move and pick up possible hazardous materials as well as patrol. Ligurio's GPS has a margin of error of only a few centimeters. When it detects intruders it gives a verbal warning,…

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  • Macra Macra

    U. of Tokyo, JSK Lab.

    JSK Lab developed a humanoid robot called Macra. This humanoid has pressure and temperature-sensitive skin, and bothType-I and Type-II Motor Unit Smart Actuator Modules. Capable of stepping and crawling, Macra is equipped with multi dimensional sensors.

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  • Mad Hurricane Mad Hurricane


    Tokyo based Poseidon developed the Mad Hurricane which is a lightweight tough robot. This programmable remote-controlled robot has a large range of movements and can punch and kick.

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  • Maidroid Maidroid

    Maidroid Lab.

    Maidroid is considered to be the world’s first entertainment humanoid robot. It was built by Maidroid lab in 2007. It is extremely advanced and has more than 10 degrees of freedom. Due to a lack of torque, the robot has many RC servo motors to strengthen…

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  • Majingaa Majingaa

    Team Majingaa from Japan developed Majingaa based on the Great Mazinger, an anime character. It is controlled by a body harness and was the first robot to be controlled internally.

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  • Mamoru Mamoru

    U. of Tokyo, IRT Research Initiative

    Developed by the University of Tokyo, the small robotic machine Mamoru is a service robot designed to care for the elderly. Momoru can tell where specific objects are, even if they have been misplaced, and bring them to its owner. The helpful robot can…

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