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  • Manekin Robotto Manekin Robotto

    Hyogo Prefectural Inst. of Tech.

    Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Technology created a model robot called Manekin Robotto which walks on a ramp. It is lightweight and has the potential to replace real models in future.

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  • Manoi PF01 Manoi PF01

    Robo-Garage, Kyosho

    Tomotaka Takahashi and Kyosho has created Manoi PF01 whose design and programming is based on the style and actions of anime characters. It is equipped with an RC servo module.

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  • Mechadroid Type C3 Mechadroid Type C3

    Business Design Lab.

    Business Design Lab in Japan created the perfect robot receptionist, Mechadroid Type C3. This robot was unveiled at Tokyo’s CREATEC conference. A touchscreen panel shows important information and Mechadroid Type C3 shows emotive feedback on its faceplate…

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  • MechaRobo MechaRobo


    MyTech created MechaRobo after getting inspired by Japanese Karakuri Dolls. The robot is very flexible, can change its appearance, and is an effective entertainer and a great communicator.

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  • MechRC MechRC

    Trossen Robotics

    Trossen Robotics developed a humanoid robot called MechRC which comes in a pre-assembled kit. It has pre-installed motions and sounds, and the audio system on its chest lets you listen to music.

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  • Melissa Melissa


    Crafthouse developed a humanoid called Melissa which has five human-like fingers. It uses its servomotors and a feedback mechanism system to efficiently fold and open them.

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  • Metallic Fighter Metallic Fighter

    Eiichiro Morinaga, father of the Robo-One Tournament, developed the Metallic Fighter. Built on a custom made Operating System, this robot has dominated the competitions.

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  • MH-2 MH-2

    Telerobotics Lab., Yamagata U.

    Japan's Yamagata University developed the MH-2; a wearable communication robot. It has a 360 degree 3D display and a motion capture environment, allowing a remote viewer to see what you see. The developers are looking for ways to reduce the bulk needed…

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  • Mi-Ro Mi-Ro


    Fujitsu in Japan has developed a robotic machine to assist surgeons who have limited operating space. This robot, Mi-Ro, has compact lightweight arms which can perform a variety of functions. It has seven torque-controlled joints, which makes it more…

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  • Mini Robocue Mini Robocue

    Kikuchi Manufacturing

    Kikuchi Manufacturing in Japan has created Mini Robocue, a rescue robot. Designed to save people in dangerous situations, this $16,000 robot has a conveyor belt and scoops the rescued person into its body. Its independent front and back tank treads allow…

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  • Mini-Me Mini-Me

    Little Island

    Mini-Me is a Japanese robot which is fabricated with the owner's appearance and can process speech. It can talk, read RSS feeds, make VoIP calls and read the weather.

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  • Miruko Eyeball Robot Miruko Eyeball Robot

    Yukai Engineering

    YUKAI-Engineering created an eyeball-shaped robot called Miruko Eyeball Robot. This gaming extension has a wireless CMOS camera, and can search and locate objects in a virtual game.

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  • Miuro Miuro


    Created by ZMP Japan, the Miuro robot is a speaker on wheels that can play a variety of sound formats. It wirelessly connects to a 802.11b/g network to play music from a PC or internet radio. Miuro has a maximum battery life of three to four hours of…

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  • MKR 3 MKR 3

    Ntl. Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science and Tech. (AIST), Keio U., Muratec

    MKR-3 is a Japanese robot used for delivery of medications in hospitals. It can push a 33 kg trolley for up to an hour before automatically docking itself to recharge.

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  • Mobile Robot Helper (MR Helper) Mobile Robot Helper (MR Helper)

    Tohoku U., System Robotics Lab.

    A robust industrial robot designed for flexible and autonomous operation, MR Helper features two manipulators, an omnidirectional mobile base, and an easy-to-use GUI.

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  • Mohican Mohican

    Utsunomiya U.

    The man-sized Mohican has but one function: killing wasps. The lightweight robot understands spoken commands, but can also be controlled remotely for greater safety.

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