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  • Aerosonde Aerosonde

    Aerosonde Pty Ltd.

    The Aerosonde is a UAV capable of obtaining various weather data. NASA and NOAA commissioned this $50,000 robot to explore the dynamics of hurricanes and send back data. The developing company hopes to use the Aerosonde to find ways of predicting hurricane…

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  • ED-E ED-E

    Mech RC, RM Education

    Educational robot ED-E is used to teach students about computer programming and physics, among other subjects. Its transparent body frame allows children to watch its parts work.

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  • Edison is Lego Compatible Edison


    Robot Edison is an easy-to-program robot for students of all ages and also for both beginner and experienced hobbyists. Edison is an effective and affordable way to teach students about robotics, programming and broader STEM lessons. Edison is also Lego…

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  • GuRoo GuRoo

    U. of Queensland

    GuRoo was developed by the University of Queensland. It is a humanoid programmed on DynaMechs software. It can be controlled by a PDA or PC, and is being used for robotic research.

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  • Robert Robert

    Bernard Smith created a robot called Robert in the 1950s. Although being non-autonomous, it has adjustable spanners, is operated using a control panel and can move in all directions.

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