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  • Archie Archie

    TUW (Vienna University of Technology)

    Vienna University of Technology developed Archie with the goal of having a robot capable of trajectory walking. It has the potential to be used in daily household tasks.

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  • Bar Bot

    Bar Bot is a selfish humanoid robot that begs people for money for a beer. After it drinks it, the alcoholic Bar Bot starts begging for beer money again.

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  • Haruka

    Team Dornbirn has developed a humanoid sumo robot called the Haruka. The Austrian robot has light and infrared sensors. This robot can also avoid obstacles and translate.

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  • HWM (Humanoid Walking Machine) HWM (Humanoid Walking Machine)

    Students of Carinthia University have created an autonomous humanoid robot called HWM. Based on distributed system architecture, it can stand on one leg, walk and kick a soccer ball.

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  • JKU Bipedal Robot JKU Bipedal Robot

    dSPACE, JKU Linz

    SCHUNK, SPACE and Johannes Kepler University combined their skills to create the JKU Bipedal Robot. It has 6 human-like DOF and force-torque sensors to create stability. A stereo-camera located in its head allows it to view its surroundings.

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  • V3

    Austrobot developed a biped robot called V3. It has two-axis accelerometers in its hip and four force sensing resistors in the footplates, which make its motion more human-like.

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