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  • 914 PC Bot 914 PC Bot

    White Box Robotics

    914 PC Bot was developed by White Box Robotics in Canada. One of the greatest inventions in the world of mobile computing, this adorable robot can be installed with third party applications for further development. It can also act as both a host and a…

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  • Aiko

    Female bot Aiko may be the future of helping disabled and elderly people with household tasks. The robot has AI software and speaks English and Japanese and has object and face recognition. It was made to be the first android that can react to physical…

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    Simon Fraser U.

    Researchers from the Simon Fraser University developed a cell phone robot called CALLO. It can dance on an incoming call, act out emoticons and mimic human arm movements.

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  • DexTAR DexTAR


    DexTAR is a desktop dual-arm SCARA robot for research and educational purposes. It is a parallel robot designed mainly for pick and place operations.

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  • Fish Project Fish Project

    Queen's U.

    Fish Project is an award-winning robot. Developed by Queen’s University students, it has servomotors that propel its fins. The robot contains a microcontroller and swims in an aquarium.

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  • Hawk Hawk

    Dr Robot

    Canadian robot the Hawk looks like a hawk and has a long claw. This versatile robot can play drums and serve drinks. The company hopes to make it cost-effective for end-users.

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  • Reddy Reddy


    Robo Motio developed Reddy which expresses emotions, thanks to nine servomotors in its face. It has the potential to be used for research, entertainment and marketing purposes.

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