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  • Birillo

    Marc Reynaud, has developed an entertainment robot that he named Birillo. This wheeled robot can function as both a security and an entertainment robot. Consumers should expect a lot of features as development is still being done. This is one of the many…

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  • Caliban (CBN-001)

    Caliban is the main character in the 1993 novel 'Isaac Asimov’s Caliban' by Roger MacBride. The robot was created without following the Three Laws of Robotics and was accused to murdering its master. Caliban later proves its innocence with a sheriff's…

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  • E-One E-One

    EOS Innovation

    Monitoring robot E-One can remotely patrol an area and alert its owner about suspicious activities. Its developers intend to improve it so that it can help elderly and disabled people and watch over small children. Its infrared and ultrasonic sensors…

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  • Fine Fine

    The FINE robot helps handle domestic fires. This amazing robot has a built-in smoke detector. If it detects a fire, it puts it out and alerts firemen if no one is around.

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  • Jazz Connect Jazz Connect


    Jazz Connect was developed by Gostai as a modern robot that can be an avatar of its controller at a distant location. S/he can see what the robot sees while moving it to communicate with people.

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    Aldebaran Robotics

    Built by Aldebaran Robotics, NAO is an interactive humanoid robot. With a height of 58 cm and a weight of 5 kg, the programmable robot has many uses in the fields of global research and education. The autonomous robot is used in several prestigious universities…

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  • Pepper Pepper

    Aldebaran Robotics

    Pepper is the newest robot from Aldebaran. Pepper is social companion robot that can recognize you and is able to have a conversation with you, react to your emotions, and move and live autonomously. It can react to your moods, using intuitive interfaces…

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    Robopec's Reeti is a fully customizable robot capable of many functions. It can connect to the Internet so you can access social media and email. This PC-bot can help teachers who need better ways to teach students. It has a user-friendly interface and…

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  • Romeo Romeo

    Aldebaran Robotics

    Romeo is a humanoid robot that is being developed under Project Romeo. The 140-cm long robot will assist people who depend on others for help. And to achieve this goal, Romeo will boast an interactive design. The robot will be able to move naturally as…

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  • Sherpa Sherpa


    The LIRMM developed a biologically inspired robot called Sherpa. This robot has human like capabilities, can interact with environment and is designed to carry heavy loads.

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  • Sweepy Free Sweepy Free

    Zodiac robotics

    Sweepy Free is an automated electric pool cleaner by Zodiac PoolCare. Its steering system and navigation technology allows it to clean pools of many shapes and sizes.

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