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Western Europe

    Technical U. Munich

    The city exploring robot ACE travels through the streets of Munich mingling with people. It has laser sensors that enable it to move safely through streets. ACE makes a topographical map as it travels and uses hand gestures and speech to interact. Its…

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    DFKI Bremen

    The female humanoid robot AILA was developed by DFKI Bremen. She uses Semantic Product Memory for enhanced object recognition. AILA can turn and move in any direction with her six wheels. She easily grasps objects and has a RFID for scanning. AILA is…

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  • Aramies Aramies

    U. of Bremen

    ARAMIES, in development since 2004 at the University of Bremen, is a Mars explorer that uses four legs and PCR-based software for improved locomotion over wheeled robots.

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    Bielefeld U.

    BARTHOC is a robot that learns through communicating with humans. Its functions are not preprogrammed; it picks up and executes instructions through robot-human interaction.

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  • BioBiped 1

    BioBiped was developed to study the biomechanics of human locomotion in robotics. It was intended as the first of a planned series of musculoskeletal robotic platforms.

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  • Bruno Bruno

    Bruno was made in 2008 to compete against other humanoids at the Robo Cup German Open. It has a camera to see the ball and a system that interprets what it has to do to make a goal.

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  • Centaurob I Centaurob I

    Paderborn U., C-LAB

    Centaurob I is a bipedal walking robot. It utilizes two Steward Platforms, resulting in precise, dynamic motions. Its universal joints and stepper motors help it to move efficiently.

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  • Cosero Cosero

    NimbRo, U. of Bonn

    Cosero is a multifunctional service robot able to understand complex spoken commands, recognize individuals, remember locations and fetch items, and even cook an omelet.

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  • Crab Crab

    H&S Robots

    The Crab is a robot animal almost a meter in diameter. It features 2 parallax servo controllers, 25 articulations, and pincers and locomotive parts of high-grade steel.

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  • Dany Walker Dany Walker

    Freie U. Berlin

    Dany Walker is a true walking robot. Fuzzy algorithms give it smooth balance and lateral plane control. It can even walk on inclined surfaces due to force sensors on its feet.

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  • DLR-Biped DLR-Biped

    DLR Inst. Of Robotics and Mechatronics

    DLR-Biped was developed under the DLR project. It is a biped robotic platform which allows a robot to climb stairs, walk on uneven grounds and balance itself even when pushed.

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  • Dynamaid Dynamaid

    NimbRo, U. of Bonn

    Dynamaid is a service robot developed by Nimbro. It was designed to help with domestic service function research for future service robots. Dynamaid even synthesizes speech.

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  • FloBi FloBi

    Bielefeld U.

    Bielefeld University of Germany developed a robotic head called FloBi. It can display a wide range of human emotions, can recognize faces and can take the shape of male or female face.

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  • Fritz Fritz

    NimbRo, U. of Freiburg

    Fritz is a human communication robot. With human-like arm gestures, speech recognition and facial expressions, it can talk to people and join them in their discussions.

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