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  • iitsii iitsii


    Developed by the Robugtix Company, iitsii serves as an interactive platform to play with robotics. This hexapod robot kit is user-friendly, affordable and provides an interesting platform to get an idea of the world of robotics.

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  • Prime-8 Prime-8

    BossaNova Robotics’ Prime-8 robot is the perfect gift for children. This funny gorilla-like robot can lay eggs, fart, and spin. You can play 5 action games with it, too.

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  • Protei Protei


    Protei is an autonomous, low-cost, open-source, shape shifting robot developed by Scoutbots. Protei was originally designed to help clean up oil spills and other pollution. Protei features a number of innovative design tweaks that make it a cost-effective…

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  • T8 T8


    The T8 is a bio-inspired spider robot developed by the Hong Kong based Robugtix Company. It employs around 26 servomotors to function effectively making the movements very fluent and life-like.

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  • T8X T8X


    Developed by the Robugtix Company, T8X is a mass produced version of the robot spider T8. Since it isn’t as expensive as the T8 version, T8X is the first choice of users seeking an affordable robot with features like T8.

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