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Southern Europe
  • DustBot DustBot

    CRIM Lab., Scuola Superiore Santa Anna

    Homes stay garbage-free and streets are clean and swept with the humanoid robot DustBot. Supposedly the world’s first of its kind, it collects trash on request, using GPS to navigate.

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  • HyQ Robot HyQ Robot

    Italian Inst. of Tech.

    HyQ is a torque-controlled Hydraulic Actuated Quadruped robot developed by the Italian Institute of Technology. It can navigate difficult and rough terrains, and can also run and jump.

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  • I-Droid I-Droid

    Robotech srl (Italy)

    RoboTech SRL, an Italian robotic firm, created I-Droid. It is a programmable humanoid and can follow voice commands. It is mainly intended for educational and entertainment purposes.

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  • iCub iCub

    RobotCub Consortium developed a humanoid called iCub. Using cognitive hypothesis of a human, it can crawl, hit bulls-eye in archery, grasp small objects and express facial expressions.

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    Politecnico Di Torino

    The IsaacTeam of Polytechnic University of Turin created a bipedal humanoid robot called ISAAC. Controlled by optical encoders, this robot can be used in therapeutic areas.

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  • James James

    LIRA Lab., U. of Genova

    LIRA Laboratory at the University of Genoa created James. It is a flexible humanoid which uses physical models of neural control and cognitive structures to study human brain function.

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  • Robonox Robonox

    IXS Research Corp.

    Giorgi Publisher and IXS Research Corporation developed a small humanoid called Robonox. This bipedal robot autonomously stands up after falling, and can do somersaults and push-ups.

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