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  • Actroid Actroid

    Kokoro Co. Ltd., Osaka U.

    The humanoid robot Actroid was created by Osaka University. It has silicone skin and resembles a young Japanese child. Actroid has speech recognition software and can talk, blink, and mimic other basic human functions. It was displayed at the 2003 International…

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  • Aero-Blue


    Aero-Blue is a service robot developed in Japan. Its purpose is to handle various food items, cook meals with soft food items and feed them to its owner. This feeding is intended to bring back happy childhood memories and enable the user to be the ultimate…

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  • Affetto Affetto

    Osaka U., Kokoro Co. Ltd.

    Osaka University has developed an advanced human baby robot, named Affetto. This robot has realistic expressions and will help with studies about human cognitive development. It is a part of the JST ERATO Asada Project. Affetto can also help caregivers…

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  • Akira Akira

    U. of Tokyo, JSK Lab.

    The Akira robot was created by JSK Laboratories of the University of Tokyo in 1996. Akira made headlines for being able to learn movement by using a puppet. This humanoid robot has a remote brain and can even approach and kick a ball.

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    The ALCNON, made by Vstone, has had several wins at ROBO-One. This fighting, dancing robot is the size of a small child. It has duo processors, two pincers for hands and one eye. Known by some as "the Cyclops Robot," ALCNON uses its swift punches and…

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  • Alice Alice

    Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech. (KAIST), Dancing Doll-RZ, AIM Lab.

    Dancing robot Alice is one of Dancing Doll-RZ's creations. She does not always have great moves but her performance is fluid and smooth. Alice can also play instruments such as the violin. She has 25 microcontrollers and can be controlled with a wireless…

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    Nomumu's humanoid robot named AMATERAS was created in 2008. It is a part of the ROBO-Fight team, which faced the ROBO-Masters team in the ROBO-One battle arena. This fembot was modeled after female Japanese anime characters and is capable of simple movements…

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  • Apelike Apelike

    JSK Lab., U. of Tokyo

    Apelike is a humanoid robot made for behavioral studies in the early 1990s. It has two arms and legs, can walk, climb, and swim, and its remote brain develops over time.

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  • ApriPetit ApriPetit


    ApriPetit is a tiny companion robot designed to assist elderly users. Capable of speech and facial recognition, it can follow instructions and communicate about health.

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  • ApriPoco ApriPoco


    Toshiba developed a gadget robot called ApriPoco which serves as a gateway of a voice command-able environment. It learns commands over time and responds to human voices.

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  • Arichyon

    The Sumii family's humanoid Arichyon (Arikion) has various sensors and dual cameras. Capable of object and speech recognition, it's a favorite in ROBO-ONE competitions.

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  • Arimoplena

    Designed by the Sumii family, Arimoplena won the 2008 ROBO-ONE competition's helper category. Has advanced vision and manipulation systems and constant sound production.

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  • Arius

    Arius is a bipedal fighting robot from the Sumii family. Hitec servos and double servo knees gave it remarkable stability and mobility in the 2006 ROBO-ONE Tournament.

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  • Asahi Bartender Robot

    Asahi Beer

    For customers who desire less attitude and speedy service, the Ashai bartender robot is the solution. It can serve a beer almost 5 times faster than most human bartenders.

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  • Ashigaru


    Dancing masters beware: the Ashigaru entertainment robot may beat you. This flexible robot can perform street dance styles with the best dancers around.

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