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Eastern Asia

    ZMP, Japan Science and Tech Agency (JST), ERATO

    PINO is a 70 cm humanoid robot with research and educational applications. Released by ZMP in 2002, it utilizes a Linux-based open platform and PlayStation controllers.

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  • Pirkus-R Pirkus-R

    I Bee, KDDI

    KDDI and I Bee of Japan developed a bipedal humanoid called Pirkus-R. It has the ability to see objects and faces, verify the faces against its own database and recognize them.

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  • Pivo-kun Pivo-kun

    NEC, Nissan

    Pivo-kun is the robotic guiding agent for Nissan's Pivo 2 electric concept car. It guides drivers using GPS, and keeps them alert by talking and nonverbal communication.

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  • Plen Plen

    Systec Akazawa

    Plen is a 23 cm desktop entertainment robot. The user-assembled humanoid is controlled via Bluetooth, and has a 32-bit ARM processor, 18 DOF and 20 pre-installed motions.

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  • PoCoBot PoCoBot

    Business Design Lab.

    PoCoBot adds eyes, arms, and feet to a typical personal computer. It's unclear what purpose this serves, but at least it's easy to program and the hardware is expandable.

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  • Polaris Polaris

    Flower Robotics, KDDI

    Polaris robot charges mobile phones while removing data from them for interacting with users. Then it interacts through a TV, giving advice and making helpful comments.

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  • PorterBot PorterBot


    PorterBot takes a load off of transporting luggage at airports and hotels. It carries up to 44 pounds and follows you with a built-in navigation system while avoiding objects.

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  • Posy Posy

    SGI, Flower Robotics

    SGI’s humanoid robot Posy does not have lots of special features. It was designed to make people happy through its personality. The child-like robot hands out flowers.

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    Power Loader Light is a research robot suit that makes industrial lifting easier. It provides users with up to 88 pounds of leg power and has 1.6 seconds bending cycle time.

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  • Presenter Type 2 Presenter Type 2

    Tamanoi Vinegar

    The Presenter Type 2 robot talks and moves like a real human presenter. It shows promotional videos and makes presentations about Tamanoi Vinegar’s products.

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  • Pyuuun Pyuuun


    Tokyo based company Robo Engine created a mini robot called Pyuuun. It records logs of daily activities, serves as a security robot, and can monitor and gather data about an area.

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  • Q.taro Q.taro


    Q. Taro is an entertainment robot made by SONY. It has glowing lights that change color depending on the robot's mood. SONY nicknamed it “healing creature” because it was designed to improve the relationship between humans and robots.

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    Tmsuk Co. designed QC-RS in 2002 which is an autonomous security robot. It can detect and put out small fires using its array of cameras and sensors, and can also double up as a guard robot.

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    Sony developed a humanoid called QRIO which has pinch detection sense. It has voice and face recognition, Wi-Fi, stereoscopic vision, visual mapping capacity and autonomous fingers.

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  • R100 R100


    R100 is a fun entertainment robot developed by NEC. This cute robot has bright colors and will cheer you up if you feel down. It can greet you by name and has 300 pre-installed phrases to express. R100 is Wi-Fi enabled and can read your email. It also…

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  • Rabbit Rabbit

    JSK Lab., U. of Tokyo

    The JSK Laboratories and the University of Tokyo developed a whole body tendon robot called the Rabbit. It has multi-joint flexible spine and can do simple gymnastic movements.

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  • RB 2000 RB 2000

    Vstone, JR Robotics

    JR Robotics developed a gymnastic robot called the RB 2000. This robot can execute a wide range of motions on a cross bar and its board can be expanded for more functionalities.

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