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Central America
  • Bogobot Bogobot

    Monterrey Inst. of Tech. and Higher Education,State of Mexico

    Bogobot is the team that developed a bipedal robot. It has a camera, an electronic compass and a central processor. It can recognize an orange ball, move to it and kick it.

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  • HelloSpoon HelloSpoon


    HelloSpoon is an affordable meal assistance, feeding robot for helping people with upper limb difficulties or special needs to eat their meals. Shaped as a baby elephant, HelloSpoon is specifically designed for children and elderly people to create an…

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  • Kokone Kokone


    CINVESTAV, a Mexican institution, developed the Kokone, a humanoid. It is mainly to be used as an affordable robotic platform for robotic vision algorithms and navigational strategies.

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  • Mex-One (aka Geometrix) Mex-One (aka Geometrix)

    Energid Technologies, Robai, CINVESTAV

    Mex-One, also called Geometrix, is the first humanoid robot to be developed in Mexico. This customizable robot has an open architecture, allowing universities and research centers to further develop its capabilities. It also has facial recognition and…

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