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Robots | Portugal (5)

Southern Europe
  • ARoS

    U. of Minho

    AroS, an anthropomorphic helper robot, excels at interacting with people. Using Hebbian principles, it reads gestures to understand intentions and corrects human errors.

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  • ArtSBot ArtSBot

    IdMind, Instituto Superior Técnico

    The ArtSBot robot is a wheeled robot that can produce its own works of art. It is equipped with color sensors and markers. The ArtSBot makes its own colors and can avoid other robots.

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  • Baltazar Baltazar

    The humanoid torso Baltazar is highly flexible and can perform a sequence of tasks. It is capable of object grasping thanks to an advanced open-loop and head-arm map. This robot torso can also mimic human gestures and has 14 degrees of freedom.

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  • RAP – Robotic Action Painter RAP


    Leonel Moura and IdMind created the RAP, a painter robot. It is autonomous and paints using artificial intelligence algorithm. It can also finish the painting and sign it.

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  • Receptionist Robot Receptionist Robot

    Instituto Superior Técnico, Inst. for Systems and Robotics (ISR-Lisbon)

    The Institute for Systems and Robotics developed a robot which they deployed at their office reception. Called Receptionist Robot, it guides approaching visitors to their destinations.

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