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  • Arne Arne

    St.Petersburg State Polytechnic U.

    St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University and New Era developed Arne in 2003. It can walk independently, avoid obstacles and respond to voices by synthesizing its own voice.

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  • Arnea Arnea

    St.Petersburg State Polytechnic U.

    New Era and St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University developed Arnea which can walk straight, avoid obstacles, remember and distinguish objects, and respond to voice commands.

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  • R.Bot 100 R.Bot 100

    R.Bot is a humanoid telepresence robot created by R.Bot in 2009. R.Bot’s vision was to design a consumer robot that will serve as a home and office assistant. With its own home and office surveillance system, R.Bot 100 can become the user’s authorized…

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  • SAR 400 SAR 400

    The SAR-400 is a legless humanoid robot designed to perform simple tasks is space to aid cosmonauts. Russian space authorities are testing this teleoperated robot in a mock station on tasks like opening hatches. Although the SAR-400 is not practical for…

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