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  • Aegis Aegis

    Dodaam Systems

    Dodaam Systems created Aegis; a robot capable of detecting and tracking enemies. It can remotely fire its machine gun and has a targeting manual. Aegis was deployed to Iraq as support. Dodaam systems hopes the robot will ultimately provide fire power…

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  • Albert HUBO Albert HUBO

    HUBO Lab., Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech. (KAIST), Hanson Robotics

    Albert HUBO is a robot modeled after Albert Einstein. This intelligent humanoid can use 30 facial expressions to help it communicate with humans. He even understands words. Albert HUBO can move at 1.25 Kilometer per hour and runs on Window XP.

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  • Alpo


    ROBO3 launched a raptor robot named Alpo in 2001. It made headlines because it was South Korea's first robotic dinosaur that walked on two legs. Alpo walks at a rate of 1.4 meters per minute and maintains balance by swaying its neck and tail while walking,…

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  • Ami Ami

    Ami was developed by KAIST to be a service robot in the home. It can help you with household chores such as sweeping. It has sensors that help it avoid objects. Ami, which means "friend" in French, can also converse with 50 sentences and display anger,…

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  • Amio Amio

    AIM Lab., Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech. (KAIST)

    Amio is a complex humanoid robot developed by KAIST. It can make decisions and display expressions based on data it acquires through its communication model. Amio can perform simple tasks such as assembly line work and household chores, and can walk 1…

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    ANTOR is a humanoid companion robot standing 35 cm tall and weighing just 2 kg. Its flexible design and simultaneously operating motors allow it to walk and dance.

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  • April April


    Samsung electronics developed a female robot called April. Although it is unable to stand or walk, it can move its head and hands, and make fluid-like motion with musical beats.

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  • Ari 1 Ari 1

    Solubot, Korea Inst. of Industrial Tech. (KITECH)

    KITECH and Solubot developed a female robot called Ari 1. It can recognize face using camera and face detection software. It can interact with humans using pre-recorded voices.

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  • BabyBot BabyBot

    Korea Inst. of Science and Tech. (KIST), Biomimetic Robotics Lab.

    The Babybot robot was modeled after Korean infants to resemble a 1 year old human baby. This 75cm tall robot has limited speech recognition, but its advanced eye system gives it high resolution image processing. Babybot can also walk and do a few dance…

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  • BabyBot-R

    Korea Inst. of Science and Tech. (KIST), Biomimetic Robotics Lab.

    The Babybot-R is KISTs newest version of their Babybot robot. This model has many improvements, including voice recognition and speaking modules that allow it to recognize and respond to 35 different voice commands.

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  • BIOLOID Premium BIOLOID Premium


    The versatile Bioloid Premium robot is an educational robot. It comes in a robot kit with parts and instructions. A biped humanoid robot, it can walk and has a remote control.

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    Dongyang Tech. Co. Ltd.

    BioROBO is a bipedal humanoid designed for competitions and education. It can perform simple movements such as walking and dancing. BioROBO's exterior was designed to make it friendly and appealing to humans with electric blue coloring and LED eyes. It…

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  • Bonobo Bonobo


    The Bonobo robot was developed by Technovision in 2005. The robot was created to be a service robot, and was programmed to perform basic household chores, like cleaning and cooking. Its design is inspired by a species of Chimpanzee found in the Congo.

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  • Boomer

    Hitec Robotics

    Michael Overstreet created a wrestling named Boomer. Boomer has been in several robotics competitions, entertaining the audience with its wrestling, punches and kicks.

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  • Cafero

    Yujin Robot

    The wheeled barista robot Cafero was developed by Yujin Robot. It debuted in 2008 at Robot World, fulfilling orders through its touch screen with some human assistance.

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