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Robots | Spain (25)

Southern Europe
  • Casimiro Casimiro

    U. of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    The developers of Casimiro wanted to create a true socially interactive robot. It has facial expressions to show emotions, and its sound generation allows it to compose simple greetings.

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  • Dabo Dabo

    Technical U. of Catalonia, Escola Superior de Disseny (ESDI)

    ESDi and Institute of Robotics and Industrial Informatics developed an adorable robot called Dabo. It is part of the URUS project to enhance the quality of human life.

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  • Microbiro Microbiro


    Polytechnic University of Valencia developed a humanoid called MicroBiro. It is autonomous, avoids collision and has the potential to see and interpret images like humans.

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  • UC-3M UC-3M

    U. Carlos III de Madrid

    The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in Spain developed a full sized humanoid robot called UC-3M. It can walk at different paces, and can interact with people and other robots.

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