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Robots | Taiwan, Province of China (22)

Eastern Asia
  • Aurora Kids Aurora Kids

    Aurora Group

    Taiwan-based Aurora Group developed three humanoid robots named Aurora Kids. They can sing and dance to the beat, and interact with visitors at the Peking University’s gallery.

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  • BeRobot BeRobot

    Gestream Tech. lnc.

    BeRobot is a tiny entertainment humanoid robot created by GeStream Technology, Inc. The Guinness Book of World Records recognized it as the world’s smallest humanoid robot.

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    National Kaohsiung First U. of Science and Tech.

    National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology developed a humanoid called DMBHR. It has a realistic walking motion thanks to various sensors throughout its legs.

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  • Hsiao Mei Hsiao Mei

    National Taiwan U.

    Students of National Taiwan University developed a wheeled guide robot called Hsiao Mei. It has GPS and laser mapping systems, using which it constructs 2D and 3D maps for navigation.

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  • Janet Janet

    National Taiwan U. of Sc. & Tech.

    National Taiwan University of Science and technology created Janet which is a humanoid performer robot. It can not only talk and sing but walk and perform several actions.

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    Adv. Control Lab., National Taiwan U.

    Julia was designed to be a perfect home companion. Not only can she help keep your home safe by acting as a guard, this versatile robot can sing and dance as well. Julia is also able to provide web browsing, digital music retrieval and broadcasting information.

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  • Monica Monica

    National Taiwan U., National Chiao Tung U.

    Monica excels as a receptionist and security guard; she can answer questions and give directions, as well as sound the alarm in the event of fire or suspicious activity.

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  • NX-25Q NX-25Q

    RCmart Intl. Inc.

    RCmart International Inc. developed a humanoid robot called NX-25Q. It is a Do-It-Yourself robot for beginners and robot players, and comes as a kit which can be assembled.

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  • Rola ROLA

    National Chiao Tung U.

    Rola is an assistant robot designed to help healthcare providers give patients the services they need. It can provide needed information and store objects in its drawers.

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  • Roppie Roppie

    Taiwan Industrial Tech. Research Inst. (ITRI)

    Roppie is a service robot that can help with household tasks. It uses eye-to-motion technology to translate images into actions. It has new grasping software as well.

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  • Taiwan Tech 2-Wheeled Robot

    The Taiwan Tech 2-Wheeled Robot was created to entertain consumers. It is a humanoid robot with two wheels. Taiwan Tech 2-Wheeled Robot can read music. Its LogiTech QuickCam Sphere webcam gives it 98% accuracy for note recognition. It also plays drums…

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  • Thomas and Janet Thomas and Janet

    National Taiwan U. of Sc. & Tech.

    The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology developed two humanoids called Thomas and Janet. They have silicon facial muscles and can kiss each other realistically.

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  • Upitor Upitor

    Precision Machinery

    Taiwan’s Precision Machinery developed a guide robot called Upitor. It can move its head and hands, can guide people through user-defined content, and can avoid obstacles.

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