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  • Cronos Cronos

    Machine Consciousness Lab., U. of Bristol

    The anthropomimetic CRONOS robot displays internal and external human behaviors. It is currently used for research, but will perform various service tasks when completed.

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  • Cybot Cybot

    Real Robots

    Cybot was developed by Real Robots. This robot can rotate 360 degrees and detect light levels. It uses LDR and sonar to navigate around objects.

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  • Cycler Cycler

    Cycler (renamed Recycler) is a lovable humanoid robot developed for environmental education. It speaks, plays MP3s, and follows spoken commands using 5 microcontrollers.

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  • DB DB

    Glasgow U.

    Humanoid robot DB is the same size as a human adult. It learns through interacting with humans and can imitate movements. Among other actions, DB can paddle, catch a ball, join in on a drum performance, and play with a yoyo and slinky.

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  • Doki Doki

    Intelligent Earth

    The Scottish company Intelligent Earth developed a robotic platform called Doki. It contains high-resolution cameras and is used to test computer vision software technology.

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  • DON 8r DON 8r

    U. of Dundee

    A University of Dundee student Tim Pryde developed a money collecting robot called DON 8r. It blinks its head with different colors, and runs around when a coin is inserted.

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  • Kaspar Kaspar

    U. of Hertfordshire

    University of Hertfordshire created the child-sized humanoid robot called KASPAR. Its aim is to study the interaction between humans and robots, and assist kids with autism.

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    Imperial College of U. of London

    Imperial College of London developed an upper torso robot called LUDWIG. This humanoid has two arms, has stereoscopic camera and used in research for human-robot and machine-machine imitation.

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  • Marge Marge

    University of Oxford developed the Marge, a prototype robot for literate artificial intelligence. It contains OCR software, a dictionary and a spellchecker enabling it to scan and read texts.

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  • Mecha Monster Brute Mecha Monsters

    Reach Robotics

    Mecha Monsters are the world’s first gaming robots, similar to a manifestation of Pokemon in real life, and consist of 4-legged robots that battle each other being controlled through a Smartphone or tablet.

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  • RoboCarp RoboCarp

    U. of Essex

    University of Essex developed a robot fish called Robocarp. Having artificial intelligence, it has the potential to explore seabed, detect leaks in oil pipes and countercheck water mines.

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  • RoboThespian RT3 Andy RoboThespian RT3 Andy

    Engineered Arts Ltd

    The world is a stage for RoboThespian. This humanoid robot actor is controlled via the web and can sing, greet, and do impressions. Users can also add recorded content.

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  • RunBot RunBot

    U. of Glasgow

    Tao Geng from University of Glasgow developed a bipedal robot called RunBot which has the record for highest speed. It has simple structure and advanced sensory algorithms.

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  • Shadow Biped Shadow Biped

    Shadow Robot Co. Ltd.

    Shadow Robot Company developed a wooden humanoid called Shadow Biped. It has muscles and equipment mounted on its skeletal frame which is made up of wood from maple tree.

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  • Shadow Walker

    Shadow Robot Co. Ltd.

    The pneumatic powered robot Shadow Walker was developed to help with research on humanoid walking. The goal is to make this robot function in a normal human environment.

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  • Spykee Cell Spykee Cell

    Users build Meccano's Spykee Cell themselves, then use their cell phones to control it via Bluetooth. The robot can transmit pictures of what it sees and program an iPod.

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  • Spykee Robot Spykee Robot


    Meccano developed a security and spy robot called Spykee. It can see using its video camera, hear, speak, move, detect problems in environment, and is remote controlled.

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