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  • A.T.F.

    Cal Poly Pomona

    The ATF robot invented by John Risch can control a small vehicle and enable it to follow its user. This sturdy control system can “run” and even stay stable when it rains.

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    Mesa Robotics

    The Armored Combat Engineer Robot (ACER) is a multifunctional wheeled robot developed to provide remote assistance in dangerous areas. It has steel armor plating and a 62 HP diesel engine. The state of Florida uses several ACERs in police and fire departments.

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    Audi of America,Inc., Massachusetts Inst. of Tech. (MIT), Senseable City Lab.

    AUDI and MIT have teamed up to create the perfect intelligent driving agent, Robot AIDA. He can respond to a driver's words and mood and make facial expressions. This robot can suggest the quickest routes with the least traffic for safer, faster travel.…

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    Tiger Electronics, Hasbro, Sega Toys Co. Ltd.

    AMP is a music-playing entertainment robot. It can play music through its 12 watt speakers and two tweeters. Just plug it into an MP3 player and AMP will start playing tunes and moving to the beat for you. It comes with a remote control and five different…

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  • ARM Robot ARM Robot

    iRobot, NASA JPL Robotics, U. of Southern California (USC), Carnegie Mellon U. (CMU), SRI Intl. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

    DARPA developed a robotic platform called ARM to execute certain moves. Developers from public are allowed to write algorithms for the robot that make it perform complex tasks.

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  • Atlas Atlas

    Boston Dynamics

    Developed by Boston Dynamics, Atlas is a humanoid robot that has been specifically designed to deal with outdoor, rough terrain. The high-mobility robot is capable of walking bipedally while using its upper limbs for lifting and carrying.

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  • ATOM 7xp ATOM 7xp


    The Atom 7xp is the first humanoid robot created in the USA. This full-sized robot is part of Futurebots labs vision to support a wide range of industrial and commercial needs.

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  • Ava 500 - iRobot - Telepresence Robot

    Ava Series


    The Ava is a Telepresence robot or Video Collaboration robot which enables people to work off-site and still be able to participate in meetings and presentations elsewhere

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  • Ballbot Ballbot

    Carnegie Mellon U. (CMU)

    The Ballbot robot is an omni-directional, battery-powered robot. It moves by using a urethane-coated ball instead of the traditional wheels or legs found on most robots.

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  • Bandit Bandit

    Interaction Lab., U. of Southern California (USC)

    University of Southern California developed an interactive robot called Bandit. It improves the communication of autistic children, and social and cognitive aspect of the elderly.

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  • BaR2D2 BaR2D2

    BaR2D2 is a wheeled bar robot developed by Jamie Price. It roams around a party to serve liquor to guests, and has a motorized beer elevator and motorized ice/mixer drawer.

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  • Baxter Baxter

    Rethink Robotics

    Exhibiting an amazing degree of common sense, Baxter is an industrial robot that is used for industrial jobs such as sorting, loading, unloading and handling of materials. Being an intelligent robot, Baxter is capable of refining its capabilities over…

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    Vecna Robotics

    Vecna robotics and Beijing Institute of Technology developed a humanoid called BEAR. It has a very strong body, and can lift an injured victim for a proper life-saving procedure.

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  • BigDog BigDog

    Boston Dynamics

    BigDog is a robot that is capable of walking across rubble, climbing hiking trails, walking in water and snow as well as carrying loads of up to 340 lbs. BigDog can run as fast as 4 mph and climb slopes up to thirty-five degrees.

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  • Blazor Blazor

    Bossa Nova Robotics

    Blazor is a raptor robot toy developed by Bossa Nova. It equipped with sensors and iloveRobots’ Animotion technology. This robot will swiftly chase whatever it recognizes as prey while avoiding obstacles in its path. Blazor's sensors allow it to interact…

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  • Bravo Smart Bravo Smart

    The Bravo Smart is a pool-cleaning robot made by Aquabot. It can scrub the floor, suck impurities, and clean the waters of a pool in an hour. That is much faster than normal pool cleaners. Although this pool-cleaning master is fully automated, a pool-owner…

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  • CareBot CareBot


    Carebot is a service robot developed by Gecko Systems. It was designed to be a companion for elderly people. Carebot monitors patients and reminds them when to take medications.

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    Robotics & Mechanisms Lab. (RoMeLa)

    Virginia Tech Robotics Mechanism Laboratory developed a bipedal humanoid called CHARLI L. Having four limbs and a head, it can walk on uneven grounds and can kick a ball.

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  • Cheetah Cheetah

    Boston Dynamics

    Cheetah is the world’s fastest legged robot. Developed by Boston Dynamics, the robot can run as fast as 29 mph, a land speed record that no other robot has ever met. Cheetah’s current version runs in the center of a high-speed treadmill in the lab.

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