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  • Released:
  • 2008
  • CALLO is a cell phone robot developed by Simon Fraser University’s doctorate student Ji-Dong Yim and Associate Professor Chris Shaw. CALLO was created with a purpose of adding actual expressions to text messages.

    Standing at 9 inches, CALLO can imitate movements and gestures from the caller’s robot. It can dance if there is an incoming call. Additionally, the robot can act out emoticons received like shrugging its shoulder for sad emoticons and standing on one leg for happy ones.

    CALLO can also change to hand-tracking mode, where it mimics arm movements. During video calls, this cell phone robot uses its face-detection feature and moves around just to get a good view of your face. CALLO can make a simple word worth more than the sum of its letters.


    • Sends messages with movements and gestures
    • Hand-tracking mode permits it to mimic arm movements and gestures
    • Face-detection feature allows focus even if the target is moving



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