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Care-O-bot Series : Care-O-bot 4

Picture ofCare-O-bot Series : Care-O-bot 4 Picture: Fraunhofer IPA
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Wheeled
  • Released:
  • 2014
  • Care-O bot 4

    The fourth edition of the Care-O bot range of caring and socially interacting robots has a more adaptable personality than any of its predecessors.

    It has a visual display which can depict various atmospheres, and the entire model has a more caring and personal feel about it. This technology will be particularly useful as the ACCOMPANY project continues to progress towards its goal of an assistant for independent elderly living.

    Why is Care-O bot 4 different?

    One of the main features of Care-O bot 4, which has been developed since the Care-O-bot 3 model, is the use of spherical joints at its neck and hips, to facilitate improved mobility. These joints are an optional feature, and their inclusion will depend greatly on the intended use for the machine.

    Care-O bot 4 is incredibly adaptable, and can be used in various scenarios, including as a drinks waiter and a mobile information point.

    If the automated helper is to be used to serve drinks then it can be fitted with a tray. If this is not the case it’s possible for Care-O bot 4 to be fitted with either one or two hands; again this depends on usage.

    Cost savings in the new model.

    One of the main positive features of Care-O bit 4 is the attempt to decrease construction costs.

    Its developers have used folding sheet metal for many internal components since this is a far more economical product to use in small quantities. If the Care-O bot technology is ever to provide the fully functional care and social interaction service by the elderly, which is envisaged by some, then production cost is going to be an important factor.

    Care-O bot 4 has certainly brought plenty of advancements in design, so it looks as though further adaption is only a matter of time away. 





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