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Picture of Chuuta Picture: JSK Lab.
  • Released:
  • 1994
  • The Japanese firm JSK Laboratory, in the University of Tokyo, developed and created a four- legged robot called Chuuta. It is slightly bigger than its Chibita robot. This remote brained four-legged robot is part of JSK Laboratory’s family of four-legged robots. It is equipped with an ultra-sonic range finder and a radio transmitter, which is used to send and transmit all sensor info.

    The Japanese company said that this robot has basically no exclusive vision processing hardware on it. To address this, all the actions of the Chuuta are technically programmed using the range finder. This robot’s torques of the RC servo on its legs is approximately 2 kgfcm.


    • Ultra-sonic range finder
    • Remote brained
    • RC Servo
    • Four legged
    • Radio transmitter
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