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  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2010
  • Cody is a humanoid robot developed by Georgia Tech Healthcare Robotics Lab. Cody was created for the purpose of providing a robotic nurse capable of helping the elderly in their daily activities.

    Cody stands on a Segway RMP 50 Omni-directional Mobile platform and has a vertical linear actuator with one degree of freedom. Cody has a pair of Meka arms with multi-elastic actuators and seven Degrees of Freedom.

    This new humanoid robot is capable of opening doors, drawers and cabinets without difficulty. Cody utilizes a Robot Operating System and an open source code control.


    • Stable and effective base using the Segway RMP 50 Omni-Directional Mobile platform and Mecanum Wheel
    • With integrated 6-axis force sensors at both wrists for efficient hand manipulation
    • Pair of Meka arms with seven Degrees of Freedom for flexible arm movements
    • With built-in tilting Laser Range Finder for wider range ability
    • Vertical linear actuator with one Degree of Freedom for durable robot backbone
    • Uses Robot Operating System and Open Source code controls
    • Various interfaces for positioning the robot like a typical gamepad interface or the Direct Physical Interface
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