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Cycloid Series : Cycloid II

Picture ofCycloid Series : Cycloid II Picture: Robotis
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Cycloid II is a robot belonging to a series of humanoids that use Dynamixel actuators. It was developed by Robotis. This robot has a robot stand in order for it to lean the cycloid and when displaying it. Additionally, one can control the height of this robot.

    The battery of Cycloid II is strategically located at its shin. Owners can also operate it remotely using its special remote controller. It is also equipped with a gripper that serves as its hands, and a camera attached to its head  that acts as its eyes. It also transmits images back to the PC.

    Cycloid II has a kit that comes in a package complete with all the parts, including the instructions and manuals needed for its assembly. With Dynamixel actuators used, it has a total of 24 MCUs. Its control module is a CM2, based on an 8-bit Atmel ATMega128 MCU.


    • Stands at 41.5 cm
    • Weighs 2.4 kg without battery
    • 23 Degrees of Freedom
    • Dynamixel actuators
    • Remote control via Bluetooth
    • Wireless camera and USB receiver module
    • Aluminum flight cases
    • Graphics based motion editor
    • DX-113 Gripper module



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