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Docent Series : Docent

Picture ofDocent Series : Docent Picture: Chosun
  • Released:
  • 2010
  • Docent by Seoul Museum of Natural History

     Docent is a humanoid robot developed for the Seoul Museum of Natural History. The Docent robot is designed to be the perfect tour guide in any museum of art. Using its built-in LCD monitor, the robot is able to provide an excellent museum tour experience for visitors. It even has an integrated 3D projector, which enables high-quality projection for enhanced visual portrayal of information related to the tour or museum.

    With its heavy-duty batteries, this tour guide robot can run for 6 hours straight. It stands 120 centimeters tall and was also designed to be child friendly in order to accommodate younger visitors.


    • Uses storyline path that can be edited anytime
    • Topnotch tour experience with its LCD screen and 3D Projector
    • Heavy-duty batteries for longer hours
    • Multi-lingual storylines
    • Special safety features for children


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