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Driving Partner Robot

  • Released:
  • 2006
  • Driving Partner Robot is a robot penguin designed for a car dashboard. The robot is part of the ongoing robotic research of Pioneer company to take car driving safety to the next level. Driving Partner Robot recognizes dangers along the roadside and detects sudden change in car direction.

    This penguin-shaped robot flips its wings as you drive and blinks its blue eyes. Any deviation from appropriate driving, like going in the wrong lane or passing a red traffic light, triggers the Pioneer’s Driving Partner Robot to scold the driver with its bird chirps and orange blinks from its eyes.

    Driving Partner Robot can also sing you a lullaby in case heated road conflicts arise along the way.


    • Integrated Image Detection Camera allows swift processing of road images
    • Color-changing lights on eye
    • Voice Synthesis capability
    • Easy car dashboard placement




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