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e-nuvo Series : e-nuvo Power Wheel

Picture ofe-nuvo Series : e-nuvo Power Wheel Picture: ZMP
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Wheeled
  • Released:
  • 2009
  •  ZMP, in collaboration with Nippon Institute of Technology (NIT), Harada Vehicle Design, and ZNUG Design, has created another autonomous vehicle robot kit which they call the E-NUVO Superwheel.

    Unlike their RoboCar, the two wheeled E-NUVO Superwheel runs only on two wheels and is even capable of staying upright because of its built-in sensor and gyro sensor, which utilizes the 'inverted pendulum' model.

    This mobile robot is capable of making turns while staying in place. It can also maintain a level posture even on uneven areas. The E-NUVO Superwheel measures 74 x 62 x 45 cm and is quite bulky at 38 kilograms. The optional “AutoBOX dSPACE” that can be added to this robot will increase its weight to 45 kgs.

    E-NUVO Powerwheel Features:

    • Inverted pendulum
    • Gyro Sensors
    • Murata Potentiometer
    • Mabuchi DC Motor RE-280RA, Reduction Gears 30
    • Renesas  Electronics FDT(Flash Development Toolkit)
    • Built-in Sensors
    • Two Wheeled Robot
    • Original Generic CPU Board




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