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Enryu Series : Enryu T-52

Picture ofEnryu Series : Enryu T-52 Picture: TMSUK
  • Released:
  • 2004
  • Enryu T-52 is a hydraulic-powered robot developed by TMSUK Co. Ltd. in collaboration with ROBO-GARAGE. Enryu T-52 is designed to handle tough crisis situations.

    Standing 3 meters tall and weighing five tons, Enryu T-52 is equipped with state-of-the-art tools that can create a path through heavy debris for rescue staff to pass. It has a pair of arms that can lift heavy objects weighing up to 1 ton.

    During a test held at Nagaoka University of Technology, Enryu T-52 had successfully lifted a vehicle out from a snow bank. The robot can be driven either from a cockpit in front of the robot or by using a remote control system.


    • Powerful arms with full range of motion - same as humans' - that are strong enough to lift objects weighing up to 1 ton
    • 6.8 Megapixel CCD Camera placed on its head, torso and arms
    • Can be driven from a cockpit in front of the robot or from a remote area using an advanced remote control system
    • Real-time image transmission from its CCD Camera
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