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Fantasia Robot

Picture of Fantasia Robot Picture: Nautilus Hyosung
  • Released:
  • 2010
  • Fantasia Robot is an advanced guide robot developed by Nautilus Hyosung and is currently posted in the lobby of City Hall South Korean Buncheon. The new guide robot is capable of giving directions to visitors in the hall.

    With its integrated voice detection feature, visitors can get exact directions of a specific department they wish to visit from this awesome robot. The integrated touchscreen allows individuals to watch recent ads, check for their appointments, and verify parking tickets.

    Standing at 4 feet and weighing 176 pounds, the Fantasia Robot can efficiently navigate through a maze of corridors using its laser range finder and ultrasonic sensors. This Korean bot is part of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy’s pilot project of developing robots supported with OEM software.


    • One-of-a-kind voice detection feature that permits precise direction-giving capability of the robot
    • Extraordinary ultrasonic sensors for efficient place-to-place navigation
    • Laser range finder for topnotch obstacle-evasion capability
    • High-resolution touchscreen for convincing promotional ads, attractive appointment displays, and quick parking ticket verification



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