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FDK service robot

  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2011
  • FDK Service Robot

    Carrying its tradition of developing valuable service robots and assistant robots, Fujitsu’s consolidated subsidiary, FDK, released several FDK service robots in 2011.

    The FDK service robots can perform a bunch of human support tasks. These robots will find use in various places, such as offices, commercial facilities, and other areas where the general public usually spends time for leisure and entertainment.

    The FDK service robot can greet and escort guests to destinations such as elevators. It can even operate the elevators, proving that it is efficient assistant robots. Other applications of the service robots developed by FDK include moving parcels onto carts. It can be utilized as a patrol robot at night in buildings and other properties where security is needed.


    Features of FDK service robot:

    • Dimensions: 644 mm (width) x 566mm (depth) x 1300 mm (height)
    • Weight: 63 kg
    • Speed: 3 km/hr
    • Movable head with two degrees of freedom
    • Arms with four degrees of freedom each
    • Left and right motor-driven wheels that rotate independently
    • 3d visual processing system
    • Moves autonomously in pre-mapped locations
    • Avoids obstacles
    • Holds and hands objects to people
    • Voice recognition
    • Internet connectivity
    • 8 CMOS cameras
    • 2 ultrasonic sensors
    • 2 proximity sensors
    • User interface: 10.5" TFT touch panel monitor, 3 microphones, 1 speaker


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