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Picture of Fritz Picture: NimbRo
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2005
  • Fritz

    Nimbro and the University of Freiburg created a human communication robot that can communicate with humans in an intuitive way in a variety of modes – the Fritz robot. Fritz stands 120 cm tall and weighs about 6.5 kg. This robot has 16 degrees of freedom.

    As humanoid robots become more popular, a lot of research groups develop complex machines that have a human-like body and senses. Nimbro is one of these groups that spends its time developing such a robot.

    The Fritz robot utilizes speech, facial expressions, eye gaze, and motion to communicate with humans. With its audio visual input, Fritz can shift its attention with different people to involve itself in a discussion.

    Fritz’s arms can do human-like gestures during the conversation, and it can use pointing gestures from its eyes, head, and arms to guide the attention of the person it is talking with to the object it wants to point out.


    • USB cameras and stereo microphones
    • Six servo motors to animate mouth
    • Four servo motors to move the eyebrows
    • Vision and speech recognition capabilities
    • Tonegawa PS-050 servos
    • Emotional expression and pointing gestures




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