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  • Released:
  • 2006
  • Haile

    Gil Weinberg, Scott Driscoll and Travis Thatcher of the Georgia Tech created an interactive robot drummer called Haile. The trio aimed to create a robot that would bring in about the natural acoustic feeling to the artificial and cold machine music world.

    Haile can team up dynamically with a real human drummer and can even create its own playing pattern never performed before. Furthermore, Haile can not only mimic a human drummer, but is also capable of doing it differently because of the computational power and numerical algorithms that it uses to listen, study and improvise.

    With its ability to improvise algorithmically, this robot can create a fresh type of human-robot musical relations, which would lead to a whole new type of music.

    This robot is also gifted with the ability to play acoustically, using a vibrant sound and mixing the computer’s capability of using intricate algorithms. Haile was created through the collaboration of Georgia Tech’s GVU center and the Robotic and Intelligent Machines Center.


    • Arms
    • Speakers for listening
    • Melodic algorithms
    • Beat and rhythm detection
    • Ability to improvise and create new music




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