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HanSaRam Series : HanSaRam VI

Picture ofHanSaRam Series : HanSaRam VI Picture: RIT Lab.
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2004
  • HanSaRam VI was developed in 2004 with the purpose of focusing its lower body on adequate torque and zero backlash by providing it with DC motors and Harmonic drives like the HanSaRam V.

    HSR-VI stands at 52cm and weighs 4.6kg, with 25 DOFs. It consists of 12 DC motors and 13 RC motors in the lower and upper body respectively.

    The simplified design in the lower body generates its walking pace through 3D linear inverted pendulum mode, making it easy to control turn and stop motions.

    RTLinux and 4 FSRs in each foot sole are also installed to control and measure the Zero Moment Point (ZMP)T of HSR-VI. A photo interrupter and revolving disk in the DC motor control are also installed.


    • Fully independent locomotion, sensing, and processing
    • Able to walk properly with less hip shaking
    • Simple control method
    • Capable of automatically setting up its initial posture



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