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Hex Bugs

Picture of Hex Bugs Picture: HEXBUG
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Animal
  • Ignition Inc. and Innovation First Inc. brought out a very cleverly designed, tiny toy robot bug named HEXBUG. It was launched in 2007 to give children a constructive experience and approach with robots at a young age.

    Original Hexbug was simple and easy to manufacture but as time went by, Hexbug created five different designs with improved manufactured efficiency.

    The Crab and Inchworm joined the Hexbug Original in 2008. Hexbug Crab was created with the ability to react to light and sound, while the Hexbug Inchworm was developed with a two-channel, IR remote control usage.

    Another addition to the Hexbug Original is the Hexbug Ant, the fastest member in the family; and the tiniest and internationally-distinguished Hexbug Nano.

    In 2011, Hexbug Spider and the Glow in the Dark Hexbug Nano were added to the line. Later that year, Hexbug Larva was created with built-in infrared sensor to detect and avoid objects in its path before it comes into contact.


    • Equipped with IR-control module and programming to read signals from a TV remote
    • Can be equipped with an Electronic Compass for navigation
    • Ability to go to sleep when it's dark, and become active again when there is light
    • Ability to monitor its own power life and cry for new batteries when the power gets low
    • Could be programmed with musicals for special occasion
    • Can be programmed to seek the brightest place in the environment
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