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HR Series : HR 6

Picture ofHR Series : HR 6 Picture: Dr Robot
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • HR 6


    HR 6 is the sixth generation humanoid robot in the series of androids developed by Dr Robot, a Canadian robotics company. Like its predecessors, HR 6 has superior walking performance, mainly due to its onboard sensors. This generation of the HR Robot has 24 degrees of freedom and stands 20 inches tall with a weight of 4.8 kilograms.

    Each joint of the HR 6 robot is controlled by an autonomous servomotor. This allows it to be more flexible and its actions to be more precise. Dr Robot’s humanoid now comes with both facial and voice recognition technologies. It can follow voice commands and perform seemingly human actions like singing, dancing and telling jokes. Among its other useful abilities are reading emails and gathering the latest online information. The humanoid robot also sports wireless communication capabilities through the Internet.



    • Integrated color camera with CMOS image sensor (100,000 pixel) for efficient vision and real-time video monitoring
    • Two ultra-sensitive miniature microphones for better processing of voice commands and sound stimuli
    • Innovative stereo audio output for superior voice synthesis performance
    • Optimum versatility with its 24 degrees or freedom: 10 for both arms, 10 for both legs, 2 for both hands and 2 for the neck
    • 13 force sensors
    • 6 touch sensors
    • 3 motion sensors
    • 3 temperature sensors
    • 1 infrared distance sensor
    • 2 axis acceleration/tilting sensors
    • 24 rotary sensors
    • 24 current sensors
    • 3 sonars
    • 1 human sensor
    • 4 sound sensors
    • Wireless communication capability using Bluetooth or infrared
    • Optional accessories including a speech recognition engine


HR 6Dr Robot




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