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HR Series : HR 7

Picture ofHR Series : HR 7 Picture: Dr Robot
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • HR-7

    Canadian robotic firm Dr. Robot started what turned out to be the longest- running research project their company has done in 2001. The project yielded a dynamically walking bipedal robot that would only cost you a personal computer.

    The HR project aimed to create a robot that is very affordable yet functions as any other biped robot in the market today.

    So far, this project has developed 7 generations of robot prototypes and the latest is the HR-7 robot. This robot is the result of four years of hard biped motion research, and provides some basic enhancements as compared to its predecessors.

    The HR-7 robot has five fingers, compared to its predecessors’ pincer grips. It also utilizes a recharging technology allowing it to recharge itself in less than 5 minutes.

    This robot is also quite stable and can even get up by itself if it gets knocked over or trips. Furthermore, the HR-7 was further enhanced with a dynamic gait and an improved physical appearance and functional forms.


    • Five-Fingered robot
    • New Recharging Technology
    • DURAS Architecture
    • Bipedal 




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