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HRP Series : HRP 1S

Picture ofHRP Series : HRP 1S Picture: Honda
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 1998
  • HRP 1S


    HRP 1S is a humanoid robot developed in 1997 by Honda in collaboration with Kawada Industries and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). HRP 1S – HRP stands for Humanoid Robotics Project – is one of the general domestic helper robots created in Japan. Standing 160 centimeters tall and weighing 130 kilograms, it is relatively flexible with 28 degrees of freedom. In order to enable excellent finger movements, the designers of the robot installed advanced actuators in every joint for both hands.

    Two stereo cameras are integrated into its eyes for superior vision and high-speed real-time image streams. The robot uses an original feature known as the Telecommand System that allows users to control it from a remote area. Although HRP 1S appears bulky when compared to Asimo, it can astonishingly walk at a speed of 2 kph. And using its nickel-zinc 135 V/ 6 Ah battery, HRP 1S offers 28 minutes of lifelike performance.



    • Topnotch flexibility with 28 degrees of freedom
    • Integrated stereo camera in each eye for superior vision and real-time image streaming
    • Uses Telecommand System for convenient and safe control
    • With an amazing walking speed of 2 kilometers per hour
    • Uses Ni-Zn 135 V/ 6 Ah battery for longer action-packed robot operation (28 minutes)
    • Advanced actuators for each of its finger joints – enabling excellent fine movements and grasp
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