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  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Animal
  • Released:
  • 2000
  • I-Cybie by Silverlit robotics (2000)

    One of the amazing toys created by Silverlit Robotics in 2000 is the robotic pet called I-Cybie. This robot dog has an advanced command response capability and accepts both voice and clap instructions. Although I-Cybie is not capable of autonomous learning, users can still teach their robotic pet to respond to specific voice commands through its listening mode. The I-Cybie also responds to clap commands but with preprogrammed reactions.

    The I-Cybie robot has advanced sensors integrated into it. One of these sensors provides the dog with exceptional directional hearing. It can automatically locate the source of a sound and walk towards it.

    The robot pet also has five different modes: happy, hyper, sad, sleepy & sick. The owners can easily identify the dog’s current mode by looking at its gestures and eye movement when it responds to an external stimulus.



    • Motion detection sensors that enable the I-Cybie robot to recognize movements around it
    • Obstacle detection sensors for efficient and safer navigation
    • IR communicator, allowing it to interact with other I-Cybie robots
    • Touch sensors mounted on its head and back, enabling an automatic response to a head pat or a back scratch
    • Advanced sound sensors that permit the robot to respond to voice and clap commands
    • Edge detection sensors that prevent falls
    • Tilt sensors that help the robot determine its position in relation to the ground
    • Cool Light Sensors that allow the robot to recognize changes in the lighting
    • Listening Mode that lets the robot learn different voice commands
    • Voice Control Interface that permits the I-Cybie to respond to the owner’s voice alone
    • Five different moods: Happy, Hyper, Sad, Sleepy & Sick
    • Comes with a Silverlit Downloader Kit that allow modifications to the robot’s mood and sounds




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