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Picture of iComar Picture: Samsung
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2001
  • iComar

    iComar stands for internet Communicable Avatar Robot. It was created by Samsung Korea in 2001. This edutainment robot is able to perform a lot of functions, considering its small size.

    iComar navigates a household autonomously and avoids obstacles through its nine ultrasonic range detectors. It interacts with its user through piezoelectric sensors. It performs simple functions, such as playing music upon voice command. It can be scheduled to perform tasks, such as turning lights and various appliances on before the homeowner arrives home.

    As an edutainment robot, iComar’s Internet connectivity allows two-way video live chats facilitated through its LCD screen. It also serves as a home security robot. It sends text messages to the home owner in the event it detects unusual activity around the house. It also sounds an alarm.



    • Stands 60 cm
    • Weighs 10 kg
    • Built around Pentium MMX 266MHz CPU
    • Built-in camera
    • Comes with microphones
    • Piezoelectric sensors for touch
    • Ultrasonic range detectors for obstacle detection
    • Speech recognition
    • Internet connectivity
    • Video chat
    • Alarm system





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