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  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2001
  • The National Institute of Communications and Technology (NICT), headed by Professor Hideki Kozima, has developed a child-like humanoid robot named Infanoid. It is as big as a 3-4 year old child and is installed with 29 actuators and sensors.

    This humanoid robot has two hands, each of which has 4 fingers and a thumb; and two eyes which are different in color. It also has built-in CCD cameras for peripheral and foveal view.

    Infanoid has lips which move in accordance with the sound produced by the speech synthesizer. Eyebrows have been formed as well to produce various facial expressions.

    It also has microphones installed in both ears to analyze voice into a sequence of phenomones.


    • Eyes can perform saccadic eye movement of a visual target
    • Capable of real-time detection of human faces and physical objects
    • Ability to extract emotional contour from human speech
    • Ability to imitate voice of the interacting person
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