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Jazz Connect

Picture of Jazz Connect Picture: Gostai
  • Released:
  • 2010
  • Developed by Gostai, Jazz Connect is a modern robot that only needs a snap of the fingers to teleport its users anywhere. Whether it’s about attending an event without having to go in person or connecting to the office as a teleworker, Jazz has many uses in the fields of business, healthcare as well as various events.

    The robot can be present in a remote area while serving as the user’s personal avatar. In fact, Jazz tends to move as well as perceive the surrounding by using its built-in camera, speakers as well as a microphone. While the user is in a distant location, he/she can connect to the robot through a user-friendly web interface. Users are capable of seeing what the robot sees while moving it around to communicate with other people.

    Any person who can access the Internet can connect to, and control Jazz from, any part of the world. By clicking on the real-time image on the interface, users instruct the robot to head in the desired direction. After hearing what is said around Jazz, users can also speak back using a webcam or microphone. Moreover, the robot’s head uses its LCD screen to display the user’s picture or face, so that other people can see the robot’s user.


    • Controlled through an advanced administration interface
    • Ability to adapt and communicate in a human environment naturally
    • Wireless internet connection via Wi-fi
    • Installed with an LCD screen that allows to display Jazz’s controller’s face or picture
    • Remote-controlled intuitive web interface



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