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Picture of Joebot Picture: WowWee
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2009
  • Joebot by WowWee (2009)

    The battle for the most advanced robot is going to be a tough one but WowWee doesn’t intend to back out from the competition. Launching its first humanoid robot that responds to voice command, WowWee starts another promising endeavor into the world of robotics. The name of its new project is Joebot.

    Joebot is stuffed with lots of amazing features designed to enhance the user’s experience. Joebot can quickly respond to key phrases, crack very funny jokes, and walk in fast fluid-like motion. Joebot also comes integrated with an obstacle detection sensor in order to better navigate through its surroundings. This navigation system is further enhanced by an IR sensor that allows it to see what’s in front of him.

    Users can control and program this WowWee robot through its joystick hands.  It has six different modes: Battle, Beatbox, Game, Patrol, Robot, & Program mode.

    Battle mode: user can shoot the robot using an IR remote controller that triggers the robot to play a death scene.

    Beatbox mode: tap any beat rhythm and Joebot can copy the same beat.

    Game mode: user can play the exciting “Simon Says” game anytime

    Patrol mode: Joebot freely strides around and tries to comment about his surroundings

    Robot mode: assumes the robot position and takes commands

    Program mode: allows user to control and program the robot



    • Responds to voice commands
    • With built in microphone and speaker for human-robot interaction
    • Cracks funny jokes and hilarious comments
    • Strides with a smooth, fluid-like motion
    • Onboard obstacle-detection sensors for safer and secure navigation
    • Integrated IR sensors for wider front visual
    • Tilt sensor that permits the robot to determine its position in relation to the ground
    • Comes with joystick hands that can be used to control and program the robot
    • Has different modes: Battle, Beatbox, Patrol, Game, Program & Robot mode
    • Built-in LED eyes and mouth that can convincingly convey emotions





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