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Picture of Karotz Picture: Mindscape
  • Released:
  • 2010
  • Karotz by Mindscape (2010)

    Karotz is a social and media interaction robot developed by Mindscape. Unlike its predecessors, which were created before the company Violet was purchased by Mindscape, Karotz has a lot more to offer. With Facial and Voice detection features, it won’t be hard to interact with this robot and give it commands.

    It allows its owners to access their files through voice control. It even lets them reply to messages from Facebook, Twitter and their emails without having to touch the keyboard. Karotz also has many other useful functions, such as serving as your alarm clock, informing you of the weather forecast and checking the traffic for you.

    It has a 400 MHz ARM processor, 64 MB of RAM and 265 MB of Internal Storage. Karotz is powered by Linux and is Wi-Fi-enabled. The rabbit robot has the same RFID reader with the Nabaztag and can be recharged using a USB port.


    • Facial recognition feature
    • Voice recognition feature
    • Voice synthesis feature
    • Has an excellent 400 MHz ARM processor
    • Has a neat 64 MB RAM onboard
    • Built-in 265 MB Internal Storage
    • Powered by Linux
    • Wi-Fi ready for fast internet connectivity
    • RFID reader that is the same with the one the Nabaztag has
    • Can be conveniently recharged using a USB port





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