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Kibo Series : Kibo 1.2

  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2006
  • Kibo 1.2 by KIST (2006)

    Kibo 1.2 is a humanoid robot developed by the Korean Institute of Science and Technology. Unlike other robots that are built to do a variety of tasks, KIST Kibo 1.2 robot is designed to relate with affection to humans. The new humanoid robot is made up of multiple actuators and servo motors, allowing it to move and do various complex hand gestures.

    Using its camera for vision, and sonar sensor for human-presence detection, Kibo 1.2 robot can recognize nearby individuals. The assistive robot has multiple sound sensors enabling it to follow one’s voice. The robot’s camera eyes have facial recognition features, as well as facial expression-detection, which enable it to mimic anyone’s facial expression.

    KIST Kibo 1.2 can create its own convincing facial expressions without sending creepy feelings to the user. What makes KIST Kibo 1.2 robot a must-have, is that it has the tendency to give affection and free hugs to everyone nearby.



    • Integrated with multitude of actuators and servo motors for topnotch movements and gestures
    • Swiftly recognizes nearby individuals using her state-of-the-art cameras and sonar sensor
    • Can follow voice commands through the mounted microphones
    • Sports a facial recognition and expression-detection feature, making her capable of recognizing a user and copying one’s facial expression
    • Capable of creating her own facial expressions without giving one that uncanny valley feeling
    • Gives affection and hugs for free


Kibo 1.2



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