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Kibo Series : Kibo

  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2005
  • KIBO

    KIBO, also known as Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) is a robot designed for an International Space Station developed by JAXA.  

    The KIBO project consists of 4 major components:

    Pressurized Module: This is the main component connected to the port hatch of the Node 2 Module.  It is cylindrical in shape and holds 23 ISPRs. It also has an airlock and two hatches.  The three other components are all connected to the pressurized module: the Exposed Facility, Experiment Logistics Module and the Remote Manipulator

    Exposed Facility: This is also known as the Terrace and located outside the port cone of the PM.  It has 12 Exposed Facility Unit Ports attached to the Payload Interface Unit Connectors. 

    Experiment Logistics Module: This is the pressurized area of the Module.  It serves as a storage facility for samples, experiment payloads and spare items.

    Remote Manipulator System: This is a robotic arm located at the port cone of the Pressurized Module. It was built to help the Exposed Facility with tasks and to move tools and equipment to and from the Experiment Logistics Module.


    • Fully dedicated to space / science experiments
    • Replaceable Orbital Unit
    • Serves as transportation and storage module
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