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Picture of MATILDA Picture: Mesa Robotics
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Wheeled
  • Released:
  • 2006
  • MESA Robotics Inc. came up with a remote-controlled scout and reconnaissance vehicle called the Mesa Associate’s Tactical Integrated Light-Force Deployment Assembly, or popularly known as MATILDA. This military robot vehicle has a modular design and comes as Urban Warrior, a Block II, and a Scout Model.

    The MATILDA, just like any of the company’s military robots, is portable and relatively small. With its modular design, the MATILDA can be installed with cameras, an arm gripper, and a disrupter unit that is used to disarm bombs. This robot, just like the MARV, is currently available with Florida’s Sheriff, Police, and Fire Departments through the efforts of Innova Holdings and Wachovia Bank.


    • Weighing 28Kg (61lbs) including the batteries, can tow from 102.06Kg (225lbs) up to 226.8Kg (500lbs) with its four-wheeled Tactical Trailer
    • Tactical Trailer can be remotely released
    • Has a payload capacity of 56.7Kg (125lbs) for its 30inches X 21inches X 12inches size
    • Treaded and is replaceable under 5 minutes
    • Equipped with a colored and B&W camera for driving, a B&W camera at the rear, a two way radio and fiber-optics controlled
    • Can operate between 6-10 hours at a top speed of 3 feet per second, and can navigate a 50 degree climb




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