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Mecha Monsters

Picture of Mecha Monsters Picture: Reach Robotics
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Walking-Quadruped
  • Released:
  • unknown
  • Mecha Monsters are the world’s first gaming robots that may soon reach the mass market thanks to Reach Robotics in Bristol, UK.

    Mecha Monsters is a Robotic Gaming system, similar to a manifestation of Pokemon in real life, and consist of 4-legged robots that battle each other being controlled through a Smartphone or tablet.

    The robots are being created to fulfill an essential role within STEM education and provide an engaging and accessible route into robotics, coding and mechanics for children and adults.

    Currently, the Mecha Monsters prototype system – which is inching closer to production – has two classes of fighting robots. The Brute is a tank class robot and the Berserker is speed class.


    The system offers physical add-ons as well as new skills and features that are unlocked as players level up during game play. With each battle they become stronger. As they develop they can be customized both physically and virtually through the use of additional armor and weapons.

    The user is also able to create custom motions. This leads to personalized, dynamic and more engaging game play scenarios that happen in real life, a fun and simple way to get into robotics.

    The system is fully customizable and may offer an entrée into programming for gamers wanting to take the next step.


    Mecha Mosters - video: Reach Robotics


    Technical Specifications

    • Normal Size: H 9 x W 14 x 19 cm / H3,54 x W 5,51 x L 7,48 in
    • Reach: 52 cm (20,47 in) horizontal, 25 cm (9,84 in) vertical
    • Weight: 600 g/ 1,32 lbs
    • Material: ABS Plastic & Nylon
    • Sensors: Infrared Camera and Tracking system
    • Motion: 3 DOF per leg
    • Display: HD plastic display technology
    • Power: 6 vlt, 2600 mAH, 4 cells
    • Connection: Bluetooth


    Silas Adekunle

    Silas Adekunle

    Mecha Monsters and Reach Robotics are the brainchild of Bristol Robotics Lab student and teacher Silas Adekunle a robotics engineer, life long hobby robot enthusiast, gamer and STEM advocate.



  • Consumer:Educational
    Toy robots


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