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  • Short for Miniature Humanoid 2, MH-2 is a wearable telepresence robot that doubles as an avatar for its remote user. This wearable communication robot was developed by the Telerobotics Lab at the Yamagata University in Japan.

    Its researchers and developers designed this wearable humanoid to be able to mimic human movements as accurately and realistically as possible. And while you are in another location, you can have your friend tag along from the comfort of his home immersed in a 360 degree 3D display, standing in front of a motion capture environment, allowing him to see what you can  see.

    This miniature humanoid has 20 degrees of freedom, or DOF, but can be burdensome for its wearer, who has to carry along 22 bulky actuators on his backpack. It’s not fun, especially when one has to carry it for a long period of time. Currently, MH-2's developers are looking for ways to reduce the bulk needed to operate this wearable robot.


    • Cameras, microphones, and speakers
    • Motion capture video
    • 20 Degrees of Freedom




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